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Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin condition depicted by red pimples on the skin, mostly on the face caused due to inflamed and infected sebaceous glands. Acne is a common skin problem among the adolescents and is embarrassing to socialise in peer groups. The pores in the skin connect to follicle wherein oil glands carry the dead skin cells to the skin layer. These follicles clog up due to dirt and oil causing acne breakouts.

La Skinnovita provides treatment for all your skin problems. Acne is the most common skin disease that patients complain of. Dr. Anuj Pall had efficiently helped them with clear beautiful skin in minimal time and maximum safety to the skin. Acne treatment in Gurgaon using Chemical Peels has been supportive for all the patients. According to different skin types and acne, you can be recommended the most suitable chemical peel to provide you visible results.

Acne Treatment in Gurgaon

La Skinnovita, a complete skin and hair clinic is amongst the favourite skin clinics. Depending on different skin types and texture, Dr. Anuj Pall and other dermatologists proficiently guide you with the most efficient Acne treatment in Gurgaon at La Skinnovita.