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Botox Cosmetic

Botox Treatment

Botox is a non-surgical upliftment procedure made out of the bacteria that causes botulism resulting in the blocking of nerve activity in the muscles. It creates a temporary reduction in the muscle activity. Botox is a certified treatment from US FDA and helps in dramatically reducing and improving several facial conditions including;

Botox for Upper Face

Botox is highly preferred for the frown lines lying between the eyebrows which are also known as glabellar lines, crow’s feet and stress lines on the forehead. A safe and effective procedure, the Botox for upper face is cost effective and downtime treatment offered at La Skinnovita.

Botox for Lower Face & neck

The nasolabial folds, smokers’ lines, smile lines, chin, jaw lines and neck bands can now be eliminated using Botox for lower face and neck which is an easy and safe measure done by expert dermatologists at La Skinnovita.

Botox for Excessive Sweat

It’s proven to be safe and effective to take Botox for excessive sweat in the armpits and at palm and soles if the quality Botox is being used like at La Skinnovita.

Botox Treatment

It is safer and successful to use an authentic Botox as the low priced cheaper ones are often weaker and may produce side effects. At La Skinnovita, the quality is the foremost priority to ensure best treatment results to our patients.  It is a fairly priced treatment at the clinic where it is carried out by the expert dermatologists and completes within 30 minutes. Depending on your skin conditions you’ll be best recommended the sessions and duration your skin would require to achieve visibly lasting results. You can contact us to further know about Botox and its cost at La Skinnovita.