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Chicken Pox Scars

Chicken Pox
Chicken Pox scars are extremely stubborn and don’t fade away easily with usual techniques. They leave behind skin deep scars and depressions in the skin anywhere or everywhere on the body. The depth size of chicken pox scars are the basic factors to determine the combination of techniques required to improvise the appearance as earlier. At La Skinnovita, we offer Aureate Sekhmet Scar Removal Treatment for reduction of  chicken pox scars. Aureate Sekhmet Scar Removal Treatment utilises the revolutionary Microneedling Radio Frequency technology to remove or reduce the scars without any discomfort.

Chicken Pox Scar Reduction


Aureate Sekhmet Scar Removal Treatment is a unique comfortable procedure that help the patient in elevating the aesthetic appearance of the skin by removing or reducing conspicuous scars with a hassle free experience. During the treatment, fractionalised radio frequency energy is delivered to the precise layers of skin effectively with the help of micro needles. This promotes the production of new collagen in this layer which initiates the healing process.La Skinnovita provides easy and efficient chicken pox scar treatment. Dr. Anuj Pall, who is one of the best dermatologist  performs the treatment keeping the patients in utter comfort. Aureate Sekhmet Scar Removal Treatment is a highly satisfactory treatment as claimed by the patients who have undergone treatment for chicken pox scars. For further consultation, contact our front desk.