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Dermal Jaw Reduction

Dermal Jaw Reduction
The loss of jaw line definition is one of the first sign of ageing that people notice. Fortunately, this is an area that can be treated very successfully with skilled dermal filler injections and fractional lasers.

If the notches in the jaw line appears due to fat loss then use of dermal fillers is advised but if there is sagging of the skin then usage of fractional laser is advisably recommended.

Dermal Jaw Reduction in Gurgaon

At La Skinnovita,  we provide lunch time procedures that are specifically designed to cater the core aesthetic needs of our patients, keeping in mind the factor of  time constraint. We take extra care  to provide minimal invasive aesthetic enhancement treatments.For additional information about Dermal Jaw Reduction Treatment cost in Gurgaon, kindly contact our clinic today.