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Eye Bags & Fine Lines


Eye Bags are a common condition that occur as you age. They can be depicted with the mild swelling and puffiness under the eyes. With the increasing age, the tissues around the eyes, along with the muscles that support the eyelids,  weaken. The fat that supports the eyes tends to move towards and into the lower eyelids that causes the lids appear puffy and swollen. Sometime fluid may accumulate in the space below the eyes that adds to the further swelling. The condition can be treated effectively at La Skinnovita using Aureate series of aesthetic procedures. The technology is highly supportive in treating number of skin conditions easily.

Eye Bags Treatment in Gurgaon

Dr. Anuj Pall at La Skinnovita keeps the clinic updated with state of the art technology. Aureate efficiently serves the need of Eye Bags treatment in Gurgaon available at La Skinnovita. It is a highly comfortable technique that can give you desired appearance in no time and is a painless procedure. To know more details and cost of eye bags treatment in Gurgaon call at the help desk and book an appointment.