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Forehead, Beard & Eyebrow Reshaping

Forehead, Beard and Eyebrow Reshaping

diodalex-laser hair reduction in gurgaonForehead, Beard and Eyebrow can have a great impact on the looks of your face. While most people do not have asymmetrical or irregularly shaped features, some people may have overgrown or under grown features like Unibrow. With the latest DiodaleX , it is possible to reshape such facial features to enhance the looks and aesthetics of the face. Laser Hair Reduction can be used by experienced dermatologist to give a more symmetrical and streamlined look.

Beard Reshaping

This treatment works for men too, especially for removing unwanted hair on the back, chest, face upper arms, or neck line. Laser hair reduction can also thin hair growth with few treatments, rather than removing it completely. DiodaleX can be used in streamlining the beard and effectively removing the regular growth of hair line giving a more suaved look. La Skinnovita offers Laser Hair Reduction for men. The treatment is performed under the guidance of Dr Anuj Pall himself so that the patients can benefit from his expertise.

Forehead Hair Removal

Forehead Hair is very fine and cannot be removed through the conventional diode laser. The latest DiodaleX can be used to effectively  remove hair from the forehead to give a cleaner and sharper forehead feature to both men and women. La Skinnovita is one of the only clinics in Gurgaon to offer Forehead Hair Removal through DiodaleX, a laser hair reduction machine for treating very fine hair.

Eyebrow Reshaping

Eyebrow sets the beauty of eyes contributing to facial aesthetics. Most of the people undergo threading every fortnight to maintain a sharp looking aesthetical eyebrow. Threading is a temporary shaping and can even damage the skin around it eliminating the smoothness. Dr. Anuj Pall offers the most advanced technique eyebrow reshaping in Gurgaon using DiodaleX ( US FDA approved). It is the modern Laser Hair Reduction equipment. Your eyebrow can be treated dramatically to correct the asymmetrical, hairline joining both eyebrows, and unappealing ones to give the face natural appearance.

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