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Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement
Lips are one of the most attractive features on the face with which your appearance tends to embellish. With the age or other factors, fine lines and wrinkles may affect the look of your lips. So is introduced Lip Enhancement procedure to highlight your complete beauty with flawless features.

It is a non-surgical treatment that provides your lips the perfect look you deserve. In this treatment, fillers are directly injected in the lips to provide them volume and make them appear pouted. Lip enhancement improves the looks of your lips by removing various hindrances that were stopping your lips to look at its best. It;

  •        Redefines the borders of the lips along with restoring the youthful contours which results in well defined            lip outline.
  •        Provides volume to the lips giving them pouted and attractive looks.
  •        Eradicates the wrinkles and lines leaving back pretty smoother lips.
  •        Improves the definition and contour of the trough between lips and nose.

Lip Enhancement procedure in Gurgaon

Lip Enhancement is a safe and no downtime treatment if performed by a professional. Dr. Anuj Pall has years of experience giving youthful appearance to the patients and has only appointed some of the proficient dermatologists and assistants to add to their work excellence. There are various treatments available for different skin conditions including Lip Enhancement procedure in Gurgaon at La Skinnovita which completes in 20-30 minutes giving you instant beautiful smile that lasts forever.