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Med Contour

med contouring


Med Contour is a latest body contouring (reshaping) technique that helps removes extra fat using ultrasonic therapy. It is the one and only alternative to Liposuction surgical fat removal process and is 100% beneficial. The high and low frequency energy from the two ultrasound heads destroys the fat cells with its massage therapy without the need of any surgical measures.Med Contour can be efficiently used on different areas of the body individually as per the requirement or for Body Contouring that involves all the areas particularly.The most common body reshaping procedures using Med Contour in Gurgaon at La Skinnovita includes areas of the body involving;

Body Contouring

Body contouring is a procedure that helps remove excess fat from the various body parts. This elegant aesthetic treatment is often performed on thighs, arms, flanks, abdomen, buttocks and also help those individuals in eliminating the excessive skin that occurred after a significant amount of weight loss. Body Contouring Treatment in Gurgaon at  La Skinnovita is performed using the latest non surgical technique Med Contour. It offers you more smoothness and tighten areas on the body that have lost the allurance due to the natural aging process.
However, there are many treatments and products in the current market giving you countless promises for “miraculous” body reshaping. Some of them may work but can leave some side effects on your skin. But at La Skinnovita, we offer best Body Contouring treatment in Gurgaon with technological advancements. Body Contouring through Med Contour – a reliable, powerful and safest body contouring system can help you achieve the body shape that you always desire.

Love Handles

Love handle is a surfeit of fat at a person’s waistline and they may be resistant to diet and exercise. They can cause unaesthetic humiliating flanks and hip fullness in tight wearing. Individuals searching for Love handles treatments in Gurgaon cherish an impeccable treatment at La Skinnovita, by Dr Anuj Pall. It’s often noticed that love handles can be hereditary or inherited component and may tend to run in the family.
At La Skinnovita, we provide our patients the utmost safety and comfort during the procedure. We are proud to introduce Med Contour technology – the most efficient, safe and easy to use ultrasound system for Love Handle Treatment in Gurgaon. Our excellent technology – Med Contour assists Dr. Anuj Pall in offering his patients with the everlasting results.

Upper Arms and Thighs Lift

Arm Lift is commonly referred as “Brachioplasty” in dermatological terms. Arm Lift is a procedure performed to remove the undesired excess skin in the upper arm that gives your arms a dull appearance. Arm Lift treatment in Gurgaon is performed at our clinic with the latest advanced technology and polymathy dermatologist, holding years of experience.

Many individuals who earlier had fear of revealing their clothing or raising their arms, now share their self-confidence stories with this procedure. Dr. Anuj Pall provides the patients with the most lucid maintenance tips for their aesthetically elegant skin.
Thighplasty or thigh lift is a popular cosmetic procedure for the individuals to tighten the excess, loose or hanging skin. Increase in weight, growing older and heredity can cause your thighs to be drooping and sagging. With the help of Med Contour – a world class revolutionary non surgical and non invasive technology, we can perform a much enhanced thigh lift procedure in Gurgaon.