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Mole Removal


Ellman SurgitronMoles are the most common skin lesions that are benign in nature and may be flat or protruding from the skin oval or round in shape or can sometimes be unusual in shape. Varying in colors from pink or flesh tones to deep browns to black, they may range in size of few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter. One or more moles may be present at birth, frequently, they arise in early adult life and sun exposure can further increase the number of moles. Dr. Anuj Pall at La Skinnovita rightly executes Radio frequency Ablation for mole removal in Gurgaon.

Mole Removal Treatment in Gurgaon

Radio Frequency Ablation ( RFA ) is a successful surgery for mole removal treatment in Gurgaon used at La Skinnovita. Dr. Anuj Pall has proficiently removed different types of moles with minimal to no scarring using RF Surgery. Moles can vary in sizes and texture but are mostly a high embarrassment for the people, somehow disguising your beautiful features. At La Skinnovita, you can achieve the desirable flawless skin through RFA Surgery for mole removal treatment in Gurgaon.