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Photofacial is a procedure used to eliminate the age spots in the form of pigmentation and get rid of vascular conditions like blood vessels visible on the skin surface or vascular lesions that appear as tiny blood-filled blisters. The latest equipment in dermatology, gentle, more comfortable, patient friendly, called Aureate, series of aesthetic procedures, revives your skin giving it a natural glow.

Photofacial effectively helps decrease facial redness, reduce the appearance of pigmented spots, helps improve acne, shrink pore size and improve texture and fine lines.

Photofacial Treatment Cost in Gurgaon

ultracelPhotofacial is an easy process which completes within 20-30minutes, depending on your skin condition Dr. Anuj Pall will best recommend you the number of sessions required to give you desired results.  The process is successful treating mild acne, enlarged pores, reduction of rosacea and other skin problems in the minimal downtime. To achieve the looks you deserve is an appointment away, contact La Skinnovita to know details & cost of Photofacial in Gurgaon.