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Blushing or Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterised within the acne family, but can be differentiated from acne through certain features;

  • Lack of Comedones in Rosacea (white and black heads).
  • Strong emotions, spicy food and alcohol trigger rosacea unlike acne. These trigger cause reproducible flushing in the cheeks.
  • Dry and itchy eyes frequently accompany rosacea that are not found in acne.

Rosacea is more common in women aged 30-40 years, men suffer its more severe forms that include scarring and a bulbous nose known as rhinophyma. Small blood vessels cover the cheeks, but papules and pimples occur rare, depicts the mild rosacea which is more hard to treat. Dr. Anuj Pall preferably advises the patients for topical and oral medications along with sunscreen followed up with chemical peels suitable for the skin type and rosacea severity. A good diet is recommended avoiding oily and spicy foods to control rosacea.

Rosacea Treatment in Gurgaon

Rosacea may be as hard or as easy to treat sometimes, depending on the mildness or severity. Chemical Peels for Rosacea treatment in Gurgaon at La Skinnovita have worked wonders for number of patients giving them back the beautiful skin they desire. Contact La Skinnovita help desk to know details and cost of Rosacea in Gurgaon at La Skinnovita. The treatment is performed by Dr. Anuj Pall under utmost comfort of the patient.