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Bhavi Bhatia

I love the way Dr. Pall deals with his patients. Makes them understand the complexities with ease and then also do treatment in a way that everyone want that every Dr. should be like him. Awesome environment at his hospital. Love it.

Tanya Mehra  

Dr. Pall is the best out of the best. He delivers what he promises. He has proved to be a magician for my skin.

Prem Bisht

I love the way Dr Pall have done my Melasma treatment. If you have any skin problem u have to consultant dr Pall atleast once in ur life, you will find drooling over result.

Pratima Marwah

Wow my 4 th laser sitting makes me look pretty , thanks dr pall , priya and Parvati

Yadav Harsh

Very latest treatment and we’ll doctor, I am satisfied for my treatment

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Raj Singh

Have been knowing Dr. Pall since last 4 yrs and have taken personal consulting on a number of derma related issue. Have also recomended many fnds and family member and all had the same feedback… Dr Pall is very kind, genuine and generous… Good to talk and an awesome mentor too…

Soniya Kumari

Having acne on face is like a spot on our beauty. La Skinnovita is one of the great Skin Clinic for me. Well equipped, Experienced doctors.Thanks a lot for my Acne treatment.

Swati Sharma

My hair and skin is far enhanced and all thanks to Dr. Anuj Pall.

Adyasa Aparajita

Thanks dr. Anuj I’m fully course treatment for allergy he is suggest me and i &I’m follow dr anuj tertment i am fully satisfied

kanika manchanda

Pleasing Experience .Would recommend if anybody is having eczema. Dr Pall is quite affable and his team as well clinic is also good .

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Submitted Oct. 18, 2015

We consulted Dr. Pall for our son’s skin allergies. He is much better now. We were so much worried. Thanks again for great help Doc! !

Submitted Oct. 12, 2015

best doctor to get laser hair removal. I got rid of even very fine hair. very clean & impressive clinic. Very caring staff. highly recommended.

Submitted Oct. 11, 2015

Good dermatologist excellent diagnosis and treatment, Excellent response for acne scars. thanks Dr. Anuj Pall

Submitted Oct. 5, 2015

Dr. Pall is the best dermatologist in Delhi & gurgaon. His treatments are simple and very effective.

Submitted Sept. 21, 2015

Excellent doc, caring staff and wonderful clinic. Must visit La Skinnovita if you have any skin problems!

Submitted Aug. 1, 2015

Dr. Pall is the best hair specialist in gurgaon. I consulted many doctors for my hair fall problem. He did not suggest hair transplant. I got my hairs back with lotions and PRP.

Submitted Aug. 1, 2015

Best of all dermatologists in Gurgaon I came across with pocket friendly treatment costs . It was a nice experience to visit this clinic and get to know the needs of my skin.

Submitted July. 24, 2015

Money spent in this skin clinic for my hair loss treatment is totally worth it, thanks doc. Extremely happy and satisfied with results. Must visit if you are having any hair problem.

Submitted July. 20, 2015

I was referred to Dr. Anuj Pall by at least three independent people before I actually visited him. Consistently blown away by Dr. Pall’s knowledge , professionalism, skill, and patience. He has helped my acne immensely and is now treating my acne scars from previous days.

Submitted July. 9, 2015

Knowledgeable, caring, professional with great staff and excellent clinic!!

Submitted June. 29, 2015

I was very scared before my hair transplant. I visited many clinics including DHI before meeting him. He explained me everything in detail about new DHT technique. They showed me live hair transplant surgery and cleared all my doubts. I am extremely happy with the hair density and natural look. Highly recommend his team.

Submitted June. 25, 2015

Dr. Pall was very thorough and explained everything very clearly to me. It was clear he was really paying attention to my concerns. Wish every doctor would treat their patients this way!

Submitted April. 30, 2015

Met him at La Skinnovita clinic. I have got my hair back with treatment and PRP. Must visit if you have hair problems.